10% Commission on all Auctions

Discord Servers

Any server with more than 100 people can be auctioned for a decent price. If the server has single or double digits, then you really won't get much out of it.

Company Shares

Selling stock in a company is one of the most common, and quick, ways to profit off the sale. We recommend block-auctions, though, as they make sure that the purchase can be more tangible.

Entire Companies

Are you the sole owner of a company, or is your company structured in such a way where you can sell it even though there are shares? We'll work with you to figure out a fair starting price.


If you have a large amount of a specific resource, it may be viable to auction it off, either as a full lot or in blocks. While using 53 Commodities will almost always be a better option, we may be able to help.

Under the Gavel

100 Shares of GNP

GNP is a brand new company. 5,000 shares are owned by the Taith Group, 3,000 shares are owned directly by 53c. The remaining 2,000 shares are being block-auctioned off by 53c Auctions. Starting bid is $35 million for a block of 100 shares.

4390 shares of OCU

OCU (Oshun Credit Union) is offering 4390 shares in 3 different batches for 24 hours each, the first being a batch of 1390 at a ppu of 1439, for a total batch price of 2Mil. The next 2 are batches at 1500 shares at a ppu of 1333 and total 2Mil starting price.

100 shares of 53c

OCU is selling one hundred 53 Companies shares in 10 batches of 10 shares at an initial price of 24Mil per batch.( batches will be sold to the highest bidder every day change and the minimum bid is 250K)

Block vs. Break

Block Auctions

A block auction is when we sell multiple of an item, and you are purchasing all of the items in the auction for your bid. For example, someone may be listing 1,000 shares or 1 million food. In the case of a block auction, you're bidding not per-share or per-food, but for the entire lot, or block.

Break Auctions

A break auction is when we sell multiple of an item, and you are bidding for the price of one of those units. You're able to buy as many of those units are available if you cast the winning bid, whether that's a single unit or all of them. For example, someone may be listing 1,000 shares or 1 million food.

In the case of a break auction, you may elect to only buy 1 or 1000 or anywhere in between, of those shares. If there is any remaining units available, then the next highest bidder is allowed to buy up as many as they want of the remaining units for their bid price. Rinse and repeat until no more units are available.

Some of the stuff we've auctioned

  • A custom role in the Taith server. $10 million

  • 50,000 shares in Steel Bank. $120 million

  • 4,390 shares in Oshun Credit Union.

  • 2,000 shares in Good Neighbor Protection. $399.5 million so far.

  • 30,000 shares in Ace and Spades Bank.

  • 500 shares in Parallel Bank. $1.25 million