Whenever we're in need of employees, we will post a job opening on this page. Check back, and check back often. We will also post our job openings on the Taith Jobs Centre.

Resource Traders

The 53c Commodities Resource Traders are handed either cash or resources every Sunday as their droplet. It is then their responsibility to trade either publicly or privately to grow those droplets, magnifying the ripple effect. Our Traders receive a weekly commission of between 30-50% of the profits earned from that original droplet. Every Saturday they return the droplet as well as the profits, minus their commission. Then on Sunday, they're issued a new droplet.

Some Natural Aquifers may instead be issued long-term droplets. These individuals have proven their capabilities, so instead of us re-issuing them cash or resources each week, we instead issue a larger droplet, and then they only send back the profits, minus their commission each Saturday. This allows for more long-term prospecting.

Casino Table Ambassadors

The 53c Gaming Table Ambassadors are the front-line staff of the Casino and Gaming world. It is their responsibility to assist and chaperone all of our luck-based clientele. We want to welcome them promptly, fulfill their service needs, and get them on their way to winning that jackpot as quickly as possible. Our Table Ambassadors receive a weekly commission of up to 30% of all money they bring in to 53c, or some other form of compensation as privately agreed upon by the Chief Gaming Officer.

Client Concierge

The 53c Client Concierge is employed by the Auctions division, however ultimately works to with the client to identify how best our entire company can be of service to them. It's the concierge's responsibility to sit with the customer, determine their needs, and then escort them through the process of satisfying those needs. We want our customers to have a positive experience, so these concierges will provide a pivotal role across our entire company. Concierges will initially earn no money, however as they prove themselves we will work with them individually to arrive at a fair payment structure.