We've got a full house

What's 53?

The 53 Companies Group Pwc. Ltd. (53c), is amalgamation of Spera Services Pwc., The Aur ac Arian Society Pwc., The Sicota Club Pwc., and Mountain Banking Pwc. into a single super-power corporation. The 53 refers to the 52 cards in a standard playing card deck, plus the joker, or wildcard. Ultimately, 53c will have its hands in everything, and will be one of the top companies in Orbis.

Reminder: Share transfers are handled in the server of the month. Check the #information channel for more information.

Helmed by Kali, 53 Auction Services Pwc. serves the Orbis community with hassle-free auctions and bidding management, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to invest and be a part of everything that Orbis has to offer. Click Here to join the Discord.

Led by Sidd, 53 Commodities Pwc. takes over where Sicota left off: providing superb, unmatched resource trading and investing. Click Here to join the Discord.

Managed by Doley, 53 Gaming and Casino Pwc. exists to provide luck-based casino games to the masses in a fair, transparent, and honest manner. Click Here to join the Discord.

Supervised by Neo_Kas, 53 Investments Company Pwc. serves as the Angel Investments and External Investing division of 53c. Click Here to join the Discord.