Startup Investment

Are you looking to start a new company, or have you just started a company and now you need money to get it up and running? 53 Investments looks to invest in new startups, getting in on the ground floor. We commit money in exchange for equity ownership in the company. When that company succeeds, our company succeeds.

Known as Angel Investing, we provide our capital and our reputation to help benefit and promote the company we've just bought a stake in. When we succeed, the company succeeds. We provide private equity financing and startup capital, support and advice to businesses exhibiting high growth potential or businesses that have grown quickly and appear poised to continue to expand, in exchange for an equity stake.

Corporate Capital Infusion

When companies need a rapid infusion of cash, they'll often sell bonds to investors. We buy bonds if the rates are right. While the chances of 53c selling bonds are low, we're very likely to buy others' bonds. We may also buy and then resell bonds if doing so will make us money.

Activist & Passive Investing

One of the ways we earn money is by investing in established companies purely to own shares and earn dividends. Many companies are already standing, already established, and already profitable. Those types of companies are great for long-term wealth, or short-term flipping. For some of these companies, we may choose to passively buy shares or buy an investment with no intention of doing anything within the company once we've bought those shares. Other times, we may choose to actively be a part of that company's leadership, board of directors, or decision making process.